Vogel Collections, Shop Limited Edition Artwear

Created by
Maria Fernanda Vogel

Born in Nicaragua and trained between Washington D.C. and Italy, Maria Fernanda Vogel, VOGEL COLLECTIONS, Founder and Creative Director, combined her love for fine arts and her creations to launch a unique line of luxury artwear.

Maria Fernanda began her artistic career at just 15 years of age. After graduating in Fine Arts from Accademia Europea di Firenze in Florence, Italy, she successfully continued to work as an artist with collectors from all over the globe. In 2020, she launches VOGEL Collections, an extension of fine arts translated to everyday wear.

The Brand

"I genuinely believe that art has a place in all aspects of our lives, not just a wall in our home. It was essential for me to both as a woman, an artist, and an entrepreneur to bring art to life under the concept that life is your masterpiece. Everyone deserves to own a unique piece of art and to be able to wear it in a million possible ways. This is about making your days even more beautiful and colorful. What better way was there than to create limited edition silk pieces with a story?

Every piece is made from 100% silk twill and is by nature hypoallergenic. Every design is a part of a limited edition series.